Lelde’s story

My name is Lelde, I am 21 years old and I come from Latvia. I joined 24 month “Fighting with the Poor” program in March 2014, and in following days I am going to share my story with you.

As I am almost at the end of my program, I have experienced and gone through all parts of it.


I have lived and worked all around Norway, I have seen polar nights and days, most beautiful mountains and colourful northern lights. I lived and still live in Hornsjo (that’s how we call the place where we live, study and work, our “base”), which is located on a mountain plato, around 800 metres above sea level.

During my fundraising and study time in Norway, I also managed to visit other European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic. Me and my teammates, we travelled around, met with local people, explored hidden communities and saw life of the poor.


For my 3 months of traveling I chose a route through Middle East and Asia, as my destination was India. I had traveled to Turkey, then I took Trans-Asia Express train to Iran. After staying 3 weeks there and traveling/living with local people I traveled to Dubai. On my way to India I also visited Nepal and Sri Lanka. Visiting these countries gave me an idea of how different life can be from what we are used to and see as normal, it really prepared me for the time I was going to spend in India.

In total, I spent 7 months in India, both travelling and working as a Development Instructor (DI) in an institution, where young Indians are prepared and educated to be primary school teachers. When I was not at my project, I used the time to travel around and get to know India better. Probably I’ve spent hundreds of hours in Indian trains, a bit less than that in buses, which can be very challenging, especially for longer trips, but all of that was worth it.


Now I am back in Norway, and, even though I came back from India just few months ago, it all seems, like it was just a dream, as I am writing this. During this time I faced a lot of challenges, but it made me believe that nothing is impossible.

During the next couple of days I am going to tell you more about my work, travels and other experiences that I’ve had during the last 2 years.

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