Where to find and what is remote work?

After finishing their programs, the majority of our students continue exploring the world, some working for NGOs, others, teaching, or building a career back in their home country or a country they feel connected to. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong, it’s a personal choice – and it’s a privilege to choose what makes you the happiest!

where to find and what is remote work

Take remote work, for instance, it gained popularity during the pandemic, when employees and companies had to adapt to a harsher reality – the positive side is that it helped people realize the way we work is almost as adaptable as we are. The typical 9 to 5 can, in my cases, be done from everywhere in the world, it doesn’t have to be from the confining walls of office space.

Many people are opting for jobs that are flexible when it comes to the work space, as long as they remain productive. When it comes to it, there’s a lot of offer out there, but what is remote work, after all?

Any job that allows you to break the traditional molds and set your ‘office’ wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a strong WiFi connection and complete your projects in time!

Professionals ranging from writers, developers, accountants, virtual assistants, bloggers, even poker players – are choosing this way of working – one that offers a better work-life balance.

You’re probably wondering if your set of skills fits a remote job…worry not!

If you’re a freelance in the making or if you want to join a company that allows you this flexibility, we have a few suggestions for you to start looking.

A good way to start is by being a virtual assistant, you’ll find many opportunities in Upwork where you can build your profile, set your prices, and look for clients. 

Are you an ace in the IT world and want to work from anywhere in Europe? Check out Euremotejobs.

Other websites to look for remote job


Considered the number #1 platform to find remote work. Here you can find plenty of offers ranging from VA’s to Developers. 


Allows to search for a specific job. In the search bar you can set a keyword and you will be shown active listed jobs.


With this platform you can easily sort out the job type and the country, where you’re looking for the job to be.


It’s a fast-growing worldwide community for both companies and employers. Their site is constantly being updated with new job offers and they keep you on the loop regarding who’s hiring remotely.


One of the cool things about this one is that it allows you to hide US-only jobs, which would require to be in the US. It’s user-friendly; all you need to do is add the job type and start looking. 


One of the best platforms for freelancers, it also allows you to create your profile and set a price for your work. You can be a translator, writer, social media manager…even, a voice actor! It’s up to you! Your clients can review your work, leading to more job opportunities if you get a good rating!


It’s the largest remote work community! Here you’ll find opportunities as a web designer, programmer, copywriter…it’s never short on options.

Finding a remote job, or just an online side gig to earn extra money is something you can do and that will support your adventures around the world!

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You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore – Christopher Columbus

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where to find and what is remote work
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BTP period – 3 months

Returning to school with heads and hands full of new knowledge and energy for Bringing it to the Public. Meeting with the team, showing, telling, exchanging experiences and making it common knowledge.

Producing articles, pamphlets, videos, presentations, exhibitions, speeches for debate forums, books and more. Studying further the curriculum in Fighting with The Poor, bringing the truth to the public. 

Going to different schools around Europe to spread the new knowledge in various creative ways – speeches, newspaper articles, lectures at universities and colleges, debates and other public events, exhibitions – leading to a better understanding and inspiring to take an action.

Passing the final exams in Fighting with The Poor. Using the last months together to conclude our future perspectives and possible ways of improving The Poor’s quality in life with humble ways of sharing knowledge.

Volunteer period – 6 months

The Project Work in Africa or India in cooperation with Humana People to People. In this period, you can work at:

  • Teacher training colleges
  • Educating teachers for rural areas
  • Vocational schools for young people
  • Schools for street children.Preschools
  • Sanitation and hygiene in rural areas
  • Tree planting campaigns
  • Raising funds for social projects by forming partnerships and selling second hand clothes and shoes
  • Stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS (following the program TCE/Total Control of the Epidemic)

Arriving at the project in Africa or India, having left behind a courageous journey where fundamental human capabilities have been turned around, refreshed and energised by knowing that things such as travelling can be done in a totally different way than the mainstream tourist travelling.

Ready for doing the work needed at the project, bringing plans and materials from the previous periods. Getting to know the people at the project, the vision and idea of the project and the many concrete tasks to be carried out.

Carrying out the tasks as defined within the necessities of the project and by the Project Leadership. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor: building preschools, starting Garden Farming, doing literacy campaigns, eradicating malaria, teaching about big issues of our time while working as a teacher at DNS, starting income-generating activities, working as a TCE Special Force in the fight against HIV/AIDS – as a few examples.

Studying and working with your Specialisation in Fighting with The Poor, finalising with a People’s Exam and a written thesis at the end of the period. Acquiring skills in information work: making interviews, taking notes and pictures, writing summaries and reports, recording videos.

Living together with the people at the project, being a good example of living a humble life while improving things with small means to make daily life better.

Travel period – 3 months

Living on the road, being on the move, finding means of transport and places to sleep, talking to people on the road, being curious to understand and know about the countries you are traveling through.

Making investigations, meeting people, visiting their workplaces, staying in their homes, understanding their problems, meeting their culture and values and sharing thoughts with them about the world and the future.

Telling people about your venture to a third world country, trying out bringing it to the public what you have so far experienced and learned. Putting up investigations on a higher level, asking tough questions to self and to the group, getting hold of more answers and putting up new questions.

Taking notes and pictures, writing reports and discussing the seen and the experienced.
Finding good ways of sticking together in the Trios and in the group as such during the travel period.

Study Period – 6 months

At this school, you will find that learning is not first and foremost about listening to the teacher.

The school’s Program consists of a range of intense and spirited activities, theoretical studies and experiences that constitute the sum of learning and life processes carried through by a group of people who for a considerable period of time share a Program with each other that demands cooperation and efforts, and which at the same time is sprinkled with elements that are inspiring and also quite out of the ordinary.

Thus, learning will also take place through communication, deliberations, through working out your plan for learning and sticking to it, and putting to use what you learned, the methods you used, the ideas you got from it and the results you harvested from the training.

You will train yourself in being adventurers and survivors, living and traveling under very humble conditions, not using much money and always finding a way out by ingenuity, being smart and sticking together with your teammates.