Common questions about One World Institute

info@oneworldinstitute.eu if you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Who can enroll?

    Unfortunately, the limitations here are based on nationality and they don’t depend on the will of our institution, but on the legislation of Norway. Parts of the “Fighting with the Poor” Program are taking place in Norway, thus we can only accept people who are allowed to enter and stay in Norway for long periods of time (at least 9 months). As for the Program “Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn” we can only accept people who are allowed to enter and stay in Norway for at least two months.
    Lower age limit is 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for our Programs. You are only required to have high school graduation diploma. A minimum level of English is required.
    You do not need to have any specific skills, but you should be a flexible person, willing to learn from each experience and willing to help others when possible. You need to understand that our Programs will get you out of your comfort zone at certain times. You should also be aware that change happens slowly and it always starts at an individual level.

  • What is the enrolment process?

    You will find the enrolment form on our official website under I WANT TO ENROLL. Or if you just want to ask us some questions first, you can write to us under CONTACT US.
    One of our representatives will send you more information and schedule a meeting with you. Usually, the meetings are happening on Skype, because most of our representatives are based at the school in Norway. You will talk to them, find out more information, and find out about other people’s experiences with our Programs. When you decide you want to enrol, you will let us know and you will have a final interview. After this final interview you receive the enrolment papers, and more details about what you will need at the school. When you pay the enrolment fee, you are officially enrolled.

  • What are the application dates?

    New teams start each year in March and September. You can apply and enroll latest a month before the starting date you chose.

  • Can we apply as a couple/two friends?

    Couples applying together, or friends applying together are more than welcome to our school! And you also get a discount from the enrolment fee. For more details, contact us.

  • Where is the school located and what facilities does it have?

    The school is located 35 km from Lillehammer and 20 km from Øyer, in the Øyer Mountains, 883 m above sea level. Øyer is a small city, but there are supermarkets, post office and medical cabinet. Transportation can be organized with the school’s cars.
    In the school you can live in single-rooms, or in double rooms. Each room is furnished and has its own bathroom. You are provided with sheets and towels. There is a laundry room for the students.
    Other facilities: ping-pong table, billiards, swimming-pool, sauna.
    The school buildings are connected to Hornsjø Høyfjellshotell, so there is access to the hotel’s café and restaurant. In winter, Hornsjø is the starting point of 40 km cross-country ski trails. Our students also have access to cross-country ski equipment.

  • What languages do I need to know to participate?

    A minimum level of English is sufficient. At the school in Norway we are an international community, so the common language is that everybody speaks is English. Also, depending on the country you choose to have your Project Period in, it may help to know Portuguese. It is not compulsory, but it is helpful if you choose to work in countries like Mozambique, or Angola. Many of our students start learning it on their own when they arrive at the school.

  • What are the costs involved?

    There are Program costs which you can discuss about when you contact one of our representatives. We are a private institution, so your living expenses, tuition fees, and travelling expenses (for the study-trips and for the 3 months Travel Period) have to be paid for by you. Norway is a rather expensive country to live in, so we know that for most of our students it is quite difficult to have money to cover these costs. For this reason, we designed the Pre-course, a period dedicated to working for these money. You will be given a job and, together with your team, you will work towards achieving your team budget. During the 6 months Project Period you will volunteer in India or Africa, in a project ran by Humana People to People. Your living expenses in your project country are covered by Humana People to People. They also provide you with $150/month as pocket money.

  • Where can I volunteer?

    For this Program we work closely with Humana People to People, an organization that has branches in Asia and Africa. At the moment, in Asia you can only chose to work in one of their projects from India. In Africa you can choose to work in one of these countries: Angola, Botswana, DR Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe. These are the main domains in which Humana People to People projects operate: Education, Health, Child Aid and Community Development, Environmental and Agricultural Development. You can choose whichever domain you feel like you can bring a contribution to. For each of these domains there are more branches. For example, if you want to get in involved in an educational project, you can choose between pre-schools, academies for working children, teacher training colleges, primary schools in rural areas, etc.

  • Can I join Erasmus+ activities through One World Institute?

    To participate in Erasmus+ training courses, youth exchanges and other activities, you need to be represented by a sending organisation from your country of residence. Since 2016, One World Institute Norway is registered in the Erasmus+ database and has established partnerships with various organizations from Europe. This means we are able to offer the chance to participate in Erasmus+ activities to our students, who have already enrolled in one of our long-term programs.

  • Can I do European Voluntary Service in One World Institute?

    Currently, we are hosting and coordinating one running EVS project together with 4 partner organisations from Italy, Turkey, Romania and Georgia. Each of the partner organisations have sent 1 selected participant. Unfortunately, we do not have other open EVS volunteer positions at the time. If you wish to stay updated or have other questions about EVS, go to www.europeanvoluntaryservice.org/whatis-evs or contact us evs@oneworldinstitute.eu