Fighting With the poor | One World Institute



“In this Program, we invite you to study, learn, understand and act upon the main contradictions in the world today. ”

You will carry out investigations and learn about how you can act for the good of many. The world needs people who will take action, show examples and make way for intercultural cooperation and values that others can follow, and which have a decisive impact for the benefit of all. It is not just about helping someone.
It is about joining people’s struggle for a better life. Through practical action, you gain an understanding of and a deep respect for other people, and you come to take a stand against narrow-mindness, inequality and poverty. 
This training challenges the culture of individualism that most of us have been brought up with. To benefit from it, you have to invest your engagement and act with responsibility.

By doing that you will not only develop a strong cooperation with your teammates and teachers, but you will also acquire skills in working with others that will be useful to you for the rest of your life, wherever you are and whatever you do.

By joining a team in the Fighting with the Poor Program, you are in for a busy time with many challenges, studies, practical work, travels, discussions, comradeship and collective living, twenty-four seven. You will grapple with defining issues of our time. Throughout the program, you will be mobile and on the move, changing your location and what you are doing according to the necessities within the elements oft he Program.

You can download all the curriculum of the program here

The next teams start in March and September 2019


27 months, over 3 continents in around 12 countries.

Traveling with international people from all over Europe.