Learn more about how to cover the programs costs…


  • Fundraise the costs of the program

    One World Institute gives you the opportunity to fundraise with Pre-Course to cover all the costs of the program.

  • Get familiar with our fundraising jobs

    We can offer you various fundraising jobs in selected countries of Europe, no previous skills required.

  • What will be covered

    Pre-course will cover your entire program and expenses during the working period.

  • Get a scholarship

    Humana People to People grants our students a scholarship to cover a part of the program’s expenses.


The Federation Humana People to People works in 45 countries across five continents and has reached over 9.5 million people in Africa, Asia and South-America. Humana’s members create sustainable and scalable development projects, delivering positive long-term impact whilst addressing some of the world’s most significant humanitarian and development challenges.
Farmers Club and One World Institute
Farming Humana And One World Institute

One World Institute

Works in collaboration with Humana People to People. Therefore, Humana offers our volunteers jobs for program fundraising and support them with a scholarship. In return, we send our volunteers to their projects around the world that focus on Sustainable Agriculture & Environment, Community Development, Health, and Education.

Get ready for your new adventure

Once the team’s budget has been reached, the fundraising finish, You can start your journey in our other kind of school!