SUMMER IN EUROPE (Starts in 2019)

Summer in Europe

For a continent so rich in history and natural wonders, the discover of Europe is not to be rushed.

Our Summer program focuses on the diversity in European cultures and historical events that shaped contemporary Europe. Two weeks preparation study will take place deep inside the Norwegian mountains.

You, and your Team, will then explore Europe for 2 months, immerse yourself in the excitement of unique experiences while applying your knowledge in travels.
After the travel, you will return to Norway for 2 weeks to complete the program and to present your final assessment.
Historically, the East-West division in Europe was not so clear, stable or simple as it appears today.

All in all, we can say that looking at Europe from a historical perspective, we see a mosaic-like pattern and a maze of criss-crossing dividing lines instead of the simple East-West division we hear about.
And this continues to be true in contemporary Europe.

The next team starts in June 2018